Warby Parker 2013 Annual Report!

You already know that Warby Parker sells the best affordable designer eyewear on the internet, but are you interested in learning more about them? Well, now you can get up close and personal with their unique Annual Report. It is an interactive calendar that gives you an inside look at the business. It’s formatted like a historical digest, and includes fun details about Warby Parker – like pictures from their Where’s Waldo Day (Feb 13th) and the day they reached 500,000 pairs of glasses donated to people in need (July 9th). There is one fun fact for all 365 days of 2013, how awesome is that? Visit http://www.warbyparker.com/annual-report-2013/, browse around and get to know Warby Parker a little bit better! As an Affiliate for Warby Parker, I’m sure you will love this brand and what they stand for! Chic Avenue Daily prides itself in giving it’s readers info on only the best products we encounter and that are out in the market whether it be Fashion/Beauty or Lifestyle related! 😀


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