Marshall’s Home Find: Scented Candles…

Ahhhhh who doesn’t love the sweet scent of glorious smelling candles?! I know I do! One of my absolute favorite things to buy for my home are candles. I have one in literally every room of my apartment. Not only are they great interior decor, but I can’t seem to do without they’re enchanting aromas. I actually enjoy lighting a candle more than using air fresheners. I almost always buy my candles from Marshall’s. They usually have a large selection in stores and at fantastic prices (half off original retail cost)! Below are pics and details of the latest 3 I bought and I’m enjoying them to the fullest! I lit up the first 2 already LOL! I don’t waste anytime what so ever haha! #fabfound indeed!

1. Marshall’s – “Illuminaria Scented Candle” – In Scent: Crimson Berry – Size: 9.4oz – Approximate Burn Time: 60hrs – $12.99

2. Marshall’s – “Colonial Candle” – In Scent: Butterscotch Brittle – Size: 24oz – Approximate Burn Time: 110hrs – $12.99

3. Marshall’s – “Jardin De Ville By NEST Fragrances” – In Scent: Citrus Blossom & Orange Lily – Size: 21oz – Approximate Burn Time: 110hrs – $12.99


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