My First MAC “Pro Eye Shadow Palette”

MAC Cosmetics has some of the best eye shadows in the business, so when my good friend Ashley asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I simply said lets hit up the MAC PRO store and see what treasure we can find. I was in between getting some new brushes or eye shadows, but when I saw how sleek and affordable the palettes were, I said lets go for it. The actual palette itself was $8 and the empty 15X eye shadow interior insert was only $2 with each shadow refill pan only costing $10 each as well. When you think about it, buying the refill pans are actually cheaper than buying them in the pot. I got 4 gorgeous neutral/everyday eye shadows to begin with (see info/color details below) which is a great start to the collection I plan on accumulating. I am so grateful my friend got me such a lovely gift. This would definitely make any female in your life who loves and appreciates beauty products and cosmetics jump for joy! It’s a great investment towards your makeup collection!


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