Cozy Sweater Weather…

There’s nothing like the feeling of pulling on your favorite chunky cashmere sweater in the midst of a windy cold front. The task of finding the perfect sweater can be ever challenging, but once you find “The One”, it is a comforting pile of goodness! Neutral colors are the way to go in my humble opinion because you can mix and match them with an array of different bottoms. Wearing a turtleneck always adds a bit of stylish class especially on days when you don’t feel like fussing too much on what to wear. The below is one of my favorite sweaters, it’s an oldie from a few years ago, but I love it none the less! No matter how many times I’ve worn it, this pull-over looks almost like new because of my constant T.L.C. Investing in key pieces for your wardrobe always pays off in the long run 😀

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sweater weather

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