Getting Organized With Muji Clear Drawers…

As my makeup collection has grown, I’ve had to find ways to successfully organize by category, every cosmetic item I have. Enter Muji’s “Acrylic Clear Cases” which include anywhere from 2-5 glorious drawers of space. If you guys remember, when I first began my blog, I talked about my InterDesign Clear Drawers that I purchased through Amazon for $12.00 each case, which I still have and use by the way! And how they have made my life so much easier because I can find anything I need when I need it lol! Today I added the Muji drawers to my dresser/vanity as I was running out of space to keep anything else and the original drawers that I had were jam packed to capacity. I absolutely love my new Muji acrylic case so much, that I’m planning on getting one more. I also got some clear pen holders for $1.95 (such a steal!) to hold my various makeup brushes! You just can’t beat the price either, only $28.00 for 5 drawers?! Hell Yes!


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