Baby Shower Chic!

This past Saturday, I was invited and attended a good friend’s lovely baby shower. I decided I wanted my outfit to be modern and sleek without looking like I tried too hard. I thought to myself, slacks and silk would be the perfect route to go. I saw and ordered this gorgeous Alice & Olivia pastel peachy colored silk blouse (perfect shade for a baby shower) on sale at Saks and paired it with black slacks I got at H&M for an extremely reasonable price. For my feet, I wanted to be comfortable. I knew I’d be doing a lot of running around that day, so I chose to wear my new bow patent leather flats from J.Crew Factory. I also got these shoes on sale for half the cost. As you can clearly see, I refuse to pay full retail on anything lol! To tie the whole thing together, I wore these amazing new sparkly drop earrings by Jeweliq that simply dazzled even from a distance. I love mixing high cost items with more budget friendly options and making it look like it all seamlessly goes together! After all, fashion is supposed to be fun and creative right?! 🙂


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