Gucci Aviators!

If you know me personally, you know how much I love my shades! Sunglasses to me are the perfect “Do not disturb” sign. Round, Squared, Cat-Eye or Wayfarers, I don’t discriminate! The below sunglasses are actually for Men, my dad got these for himself, but didn’t end up ever wearing them because he felt they were to flimsy for him. So here I come in and snatch them for myself LOL! Mind you, these are brand new, never worn out glasses, you can imagine my excitement! I adore the thin gold/black rim and the dark grey lenses. They look great with a white button down shirt as pictured in my little montage. Sunglasses are season-less, you can wear them whenever and get an instant boost of chic! They are as the french say, c’est très magnifique!


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