Pure Lavishness With Anastasia!

I’m so excited to talk about this beautiful and removable eyeshadow palette by “Anastasia Beverly Hills”! Its absolutely the definition of luxuriousness for the eye & brow. You get a definite bang for your buck with this mini kit! For just $38.00 you receive a set of 10 eyeshadows, brow pencil, waterproof eyeliner, full-sized tweezers and professional dual eyeshadow brush! And might I add, the packaging is totally gorgeous and as the name states “lavish”! This portable all-in-one kit gets the job done effectively! The shadows glide on the lid perfectly and the colors are highly pigmented making for a truly impactful look. There is also an instructional guide included that shows you how to re-create a few lovely eyeshadow looks that will have your friends envious of your newly-found makeup skills lol! Remember all, Quality over Quantity is what’s important here! Although in this case, you get both boxed up and ready to go!

My Favorite Shades:

1. Rum Cake

2. Sienna

3. Black Diamond

4. Pink Sapphire



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