Gangsta Love With Forever 21!

There’s nothing like cozying up to your favorite oversized/comfy sweatshirt once the fall weather starts to slowly creep in. I’m absolutely loving the below fleece sweatshirt I found at Forever 21 last week! I got so many compliments on how cute it was when I wore it and I must say, it has instantly become one of my favorite pieces. The round neckline, long sleeves, rib trim and velveteen “Gangsta Love” wording at the front make this medium weight sweatshirt a nice casual, but still fashionable alternative on a day you don’t really want to dress up. Pair it up with some skinny jeans, chunky gold necklace and combat boots and you’re good to go! Forever 21 has so many just like this one available online and in-store for an extremely reasonable price, hurry and snatch one up ladies!


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