Up & Up Exfoliating Apricot Facial Towelettes…

Yesterday afternoon, I made a trip to good old Target with my sister and I came about these awesome facial towelettes by Up & Up for just $4.79! I usually use the Neutrogena ones, but I wanted to do a little switch and try something new. These towelettes completely exfoliate, cleanse and are alcohol/oil free. Another cool fact is that they are hypoallergenic! This 30-pack of makeup removing wipes is also cheaper than the Neutrogena 25-pack ones by almost $4.00! They smell delicious and leave skin super soft to the touch, you definitely won’t feel any dryness! They are a great alternative to the pricier name brands! Ahhh, Gotta love Target!


7 thoughts on “Up & Up Exfoliating Apricot Facial Towelettes…

  1. I love Target. These look divine!! One question though; can they remove eye makeup without stinging the bejeesus out of my eyes?!! That’s what I hate about a-lot of the makeup removing towelettes.

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