Benefit’s Zinging Eyebrow Shaping Kit…

This super convenient eyebrow shaping kit from Benefit is my new go-to item! I’ve recently included it into my daily make-up routine. Benefit’s “Brow Zings” comes with all the mini tools you’ll need to have clean, smooth and defined eyebrows. This kit helps you shape, fill in sparse areas and clear away stray hairs with it’s set of small tweezers. For just $30.00 you can have flawless brows in just one snap! Giving your eyebrows a little TLC, simply makes your whole face brighten up! So bring your best feature forward ladies! Make sure you keep up with your brow maintenance!


1. Soft pigmented wax that defines and shapes the brows.

2. Color complementing setting powder.

3. Tweezers

4. Hard angle brush.

5. Blending brush.


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