Be A TEASE With Victoria’s Secret…

My good friend Ashley recently gifted me with this exquisitely smelling shower gel from Victoria’s secret named “Tease” from their “Sexy Little Things” line. I have totally fallen in love with this sweet and seductive scent! This body wash is a warm blend of black vanilla, frozen pear and blooming gardenia. It leaves your skin touchable, soft and luscious! Not to mention, that your bathroom shower will be filled with this delicious smell after a long, hot bath! It really is pleasing to the senses. I actually want to make a stop at the store and purchase the body lotion and body spray so I can have the whole set complete and handy! Don’t miss out on this boudoir-inspired, award winning line of scents from Victoria’s Secret. You’re significant other will be putty in your hands with just one whiff!


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