Pump The Jam…Pump It Up!

There’s nothing sexier than a woman who can rock a gorgeous set of pumps. With that being said, it’s imperative that every lady out there own at least one good pair of these shoes. They give you a sense of confidence and power all the while, elongating your legs to strut to their full potential. To be a power player, you gotta walk the walk baby! And dress to impress 24/7. You’re shoe game should be a clear representation of who you are personality wise. I am a true shoe addict and when I see a seemingly attractive female wearing the wrong footwear with their outfit, it completely throws me off and I just wanna smack some knowledge into them lol! Working in the fashion industry for almost 7 years, I’ve helped interview my share of people and being quite honest, first appearances are everything. My eye will go directly to what you’re wearing first and if it reflects the brand you’re wanting to work for. To sum it up, throw on some leather 3-5 inch pumps and it will help bring your swagger up to a hundred, thousand, trillion in every aspect!






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