I Don’t Think You Ready For This Jelly…

Jelly sandals from years past usually got a bad rep as being cheap looking and were all but forgotton by the beginning of the new millenium. Fast forward to the year 2013 and these shoes seem to be the all the rage! They’ve definitely come a very long way style wise from their debut back in the mid 90’s. Now you see these sandals being worn by every female from celebrities to your average working class woman. I personally think owning atleast one pair of jellies are a must, just for the insane level of comfort, especially walking through the concrete jungle that is NYC! We ladies are so in luck to have such new and fresh versions available to us, they are simply amazing! You can now find jelly flip flops, sandals, flats, even heels!!! In every color imaginable. With accents of bows, grommets, studs, straps and flowers, you name it! Even higher end designers are making these puppies, so its not a trend only smaller brands are pumping out. I have a strong feeling these shoes will not fade into fashion oblivion anytime soon…




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