Secret Weapon…John Frieda “Finishing Creme”

If you have very curly hair like I do, which makes it harder to tame and style in the warmer months, then this finishing creme from John Frieda is the product for you! I was searching through my local Duane Reade for something to help control frizzy hair. Then I saw this little creme from John Frieda and since these products are well known, I decided to take it home. This creme instantly helps smooth hair and frayed ends for a shiny and flawless finish! You can also use it for either curly or straight hair. Another great thing about this product is that it has a UV filter, which will help protect your precious locks from those harmful sun rays! And the bottle is a decent size that can fit in many medium to large handbags with ease for daily use at anytime! Again, you can purchase this item at your local pharmacy or online at Ulta Beauty. I believe they have a sale on this specific product for way less than I paid (buy one, get one 50% off!).


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