Beach Babe Essentials!

Who doesn’t love a little fun in the sun at the beach while on vacation for the 4th of July holiday? I sure do! And over the years, I’ve gathered up quite a list of beach day essentials that are extremely necessary for every female after being in the water, sand and sun all day, I know it is for me! I think we can all agree that a toned down, natural look is what’s needed here. The below list and picture collage show and describe why every item is so very important! So soak up the sun chic babes, but safely and responsibly!


1. Large, but fashionable tote bag to carry all your items and products so nothing gets lost!

2. Large beach towel to lay on as you sun bathe and to dry off after hitting the ocean blue.

3. A good, moisturizing suntan oil with SPF (to avoid burns and protect your skin against the harmful sun rays!) for an awesome summertime glow.

4. If you’re fair/light skinned like I am, take with you an excellent sunscreen lotion or spray with high SPF (again,¬†to avoid burns and protect your skin against the harmful sun rays!). I personally like the spray better, simply because its less messy and you can continuously re-apply as needed throughout the day.

5. I honestly don’t like leaving the beach bare faced with oily and sweaty skin…A tinted moisturizer or bb cream to put on as your ready to leave is a great alternative to heavy foundation/powder, so you look halfway decent (lol!).

6. A travel sized hand sanitizer is a MUST HAVE! I can’t stress this enough! Kills the bacteria and dirt from your hands that you accumulate throughout the day!.

7. Travel sized face and hand wipes, again to clean off sand, oil, dirt and sweat.

8. A travel or full sized deodorant stick to apply under your arms and avoid bad BO because let’s face it ladies, after being out in the sun all day long, you’re gonna get a little sweaty and stinky! Lets avoid that at all costs!.

9. Last, but not least, a lip balm or butter. Lips get extremely dry being out in the sun. You definitely want something to keep them moisturized, soft and protected!.


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