My 2 Must Have Summer Tops!

My absolute favorite tops for the summer come courtesy of Rebecca Taylor. I actually wore both styles listed below to work this week since I received my personal orders on Monday and got nothing but compliments from my fellow colleagues and friends. The first little t-shirt number was extremely comfortable and truly defined my waist shape in a non-restrictive way, the striped jersey fabric was actually really flattering. I loved the red elbow patches on the sleeves and little zipper at the back neck making it an effortless pullover style! As for the second blouse, the silky georgette fabric, inky blue floral print, color blocking combos and easy fit make you feel like a million bucks as you walk out the door ready to take on the day that lies ahead. Both are perfect for a casual morning meeting or late night rendezvous!


2 thoughts on “My 2 Must Have Summer Tops!

  1. I love stripes and I so adore your red striped blouse! I really seem to define the waistline in a beautiful feminine way.. If only I hadn’t spend the money on other things this month…sigh

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