Hydrated Hair & Skin With Miss Jessie’s & Jergens!

While I was out and about yesterday, I decided to stop by the beauty supply store and the Kmart by my job on my lunch break to purchase some items I’ve had on my radar in regards to hair and skin care. First on my list was Miss Jessie’s “Curly Pudding”. I was dying to give this product a try as I’ve been hearing about it for years now! Since I’m wearing my hair in it’s naturally curly state because of the summer heat, I needed a good creme styler to help reduce frizz and keep a firm hold on my curls without making my hair crunchy. Miss Jessie’s actually keeps my curls and scalp hydrated and moisturized, no crunchiness and left them super soft. This pudding smells absolutely superb, but might be a little too much for some people, in which case you can purchase the unscented version. I don’t feel like this product really amped up my curls to their full potential and I don’t believe it lives up to the hype. Would I purchase again? Maybe… I would have to continue to use this and see if there’s any improvement with time… As for my skin, I needed a new body lotion and wanted to try something new besides my regular Aveeno “Stress Relief” lotion. In Kmart, I saw this Jergens body creme with soothing aloe vera and just had to get it! And let me say right now, I absolutely LOVE IT! Its fast absorbing, non-greasy and completely nourishes my dry skin! This lotion smells like heaven in a jar! I would definitely purchase again in a hot second! This item has become my new go-to body lotion behind Aveeno of course! See below collage for more details! 😀




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