Sun Dance A La Rimmel London Style!

Since I am so fair skinned, its really hard for me to tan as easily as others do without getting a sunburn. It takes me several trips to the beach or pool to get a noticeable glow. Because of this, I really depend on bronzers and lotions to give me a some-what simulation of a summer tan. The bronzers I usually use are from MAC or Benefit Cosmetics, but since I recently took a trip down to Duane Reade, I decided to give one of my local drugstore name-brands a try. The one that caught my immediate attention was from Rimmel London for the simple fact that it included natural minerals. This helps give you a sun kissed look without being too over powering. A big NO-NO which unfortunately I’ve seen on several people, is getting a bronzer 3 shades darker than your skintone. By doing this the color of your face looks completely mismatched from the rest of your body and who the heck wants that?!!! Remember ladies – subtlety is your best bet, you don’t want to look over baked!

Duane Reade – Rimmel London – “Natural Bronzer + Natural Minerals” – In Color: 027 Sun Dance – $6.99

rimmellondonbronzer1 rimmellondonbronzer2

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