A True Mud Mask By Borghese…

Borghese is a legendary Italian cosmetic and skincare brand who’s products have been around for centuries. I recently got passed down from my mother their famous face and body mud mask that helps maintain daily skincare and up-keep. This item is so popular, that it’s almost always sold out on their website, so getting your hands on a jar proves slightly difficult. I love to find and try out new and different products to improve my dry skin. This mask helps reduce redness, replenish, nourish, firm up and revitalize dry and worn out skin cells. Saying it was just an enjoyable experience wouldn’t do it justice, this cream really does work! And the fact that it comes with it’s own sponge applicator is divine. My complexion feels healthier and the cooling sensation when applying makes you feel like it’s definitely doing it’s job properly!

Borghese – “Fango Ristorativo, Restorative Hydrating Mud For Face & Body” – http://www.borghese.com


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