Another Home-Run For L’occitane!

An important must for me is always carrying a good hand cream in my purse! You never know when your gonna need it! If your like thousands of people out there, your hands dry up very easily, especially throughout the work day after having to wash them constantly. I hate that feeling of chapped skin, that’s why it’s so imperative for me to try and keep the palms of my hands, fingers and wrists as moisturized as possible. One of my favorite lotions has to be this little wonder from L’occitane En Provence. Now from my post 2 weeks ago, you know how much I adored their foot cream, so for them to have another knockout product in such a short amount of time, shows you how high quality and efficient their merchandise actually is. I just keep coming back to this brand over and over again! My favorite feature on this item is the twisty cap so you can turn it on and off when applying with no mess! And to top it off, this cream is an organic cosmetic! Yes, this lotion is made with organic olive tree extracts which also contributes to the nice smell. So you can slather it on your skin without any remorse! 🙂

L’occitane En Provence – “Soin Mains Hand Cream”


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