The Importance Of Finding The Right Brassiere…

Every woman should have the right undergarments to suit their ever growing and evolving frame. Nowadays we have so many different options, styles and a wide selection of sizes (more than ever before) that there’s really no excuse for a lady not to find one to personally accommodate to them. It’s not only aesthetically necessary, but its our primary support system helping evenly distribute breast weight around our torso. Using one with an underwire and slight cup aid in lifting and enhancing our shape and size. Many lingerie stores offer assistance in measuring you so that you find a bra that is your perfect match in size, fit & style. Studies show that 75-85% of women buy bras in the wrong size to begin with, which can make it very uncomfortable for you on a daily basis. So step 1: get properly measured and know your true size, step 2: get assistance in picking a style that best suits your body shape and step 3: don’t be afraid or shy to ask questions in a lingerie store, their there to help you! I actually like to buy a couple of new bra’s every couple of months myself and came about a friends & family sale at Saks Fifth Avenue and got the below lovelies at a steal! Hurry and catch their fantastic deals, it ends today 4/28!

Saks Fifth Avenue –

1. Wacoal – “A Rose Is A Rose Contour Bra” – In Color: Petrol – $46.00 Sale Price + An Additional 25% Off

2. Wacoal – “French Garden Seamless Underwire Contour Bra” – In Color: Black – $39.00 Sale Price + An Additional 25% Off

3. Wacoal – “T-Back Underwire Bra” – In Color: Nude – $44.00 Sale Price + An Additional 25% Off


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