Get Minty With Kate Spade!

 I’m sure that most ladies will agree with me when I say, sometimes I just don’t feel like carrying my big ol’ handbag with me when I go out, especially somewhere quick. That’s why I think it’s great we have so many options when it comes down to actual bag size and now that summer is fast approaching the less I have to hold on to the better. I have a deep fondness for small leather goods and accessories, I basically collect them! While at T.J.Maxx recently, I picked up the below key/card holder by Kate Spade, the pretty mint color jumped at me almost immediately. I also thought the white leather interior and polka dot lining was fun and whimsical, perfect for sunny days!

T.J.Maxx – “Kate Spade Mint 6-Key Hook/Card Holder” – $39.99

photo-106 copy photo-107 copy

4 thoughts on “Get Minty With Kate Spade!

  1. i know this is an old post but i just got one of these key cases and i wanted to know how your liking it ? does it hold up well and i wish i could have found mine at tj maxx 🙂

      1. Oh I see 🙂 did the keys ever come off of it when u used it I got mine in the Color fresh air and so far it’s good how come u got rid of it and I loved the Color of Your key case

      2. Thank you & No, the keys didn’t come off on mine. I retired it because it had come to its last leg, it was used and abused lol

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