H&M Conscious Collection Necklace!

Only if you’ve been living under a rock the past month, have you not noticed the bright and print oriented Conscious Collection at H&M. The ads and commercials for this line are seen everywhere! Besides the awesome clothes, they also created some beautiful accessories (if you can still find them at stores). I was lucky enough to have an H&M by me that still had in stock this collection’s accessories and quickly picked up this little gem before there were none left. I’m a sucker for eye catching pieces and this one does not disappoint! I adore the bright pink/peachy neon grosgrain ribbon tie and faceted clear plastic beading which will undoubtably keep you fashion forward for the spring/summer season!

H&M “Conscious Collection Necklace” – $7.95 – http://www.hm.com

photo-96 copy

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