Push-Up Bra For Your Eyebrows? Yes It Exists…

While doing my weekly run to the beauty supply store, I went straight to the NYX Cosmetics section. From my post on 4/6/13, you already know how much I loved their beauty products and their reasonable pricing. Today, what caught my eye was their awesome “push-up bra” brow pencil/highlighter duo. I really like the size of the pencil and the universal color it comes in that will flatter many different eyebrow shades and the highlighter which will help lift, open up your eyes and illuminate your brow features. One thing I’m picky about within my beauty regime is how well my eyebrows look. Jacked up, too thin eyebrows is a huge NO-NO for me (I learned my lesson from my embarrassing H.S. days!). Especially because well groomed eyebrows really help define your facial features, its literally the highlight of your entire face, next to lips and smile of course!

NYX Cosmetics – “Push-Up Bra For Eyebrow” – $9.99

photo-92 copy

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