Polish Obsession!

I love transforming my nails with a splash of polish! I feel like your hands look so empty without a bit of color to spruce them up. Getting my nails done after a stressful day always relaxes and soothes me. There’s nothing more girly and fun than getting a mani and pedi done. It makes you feel so refreshed and good about yourself. I especially try to hit the nail salon more frequently in the late spring and summer months because of the heat. A lady should always try to maintain her hands and feet as best as possible. It will be appreciated once you start getting older because a woman’s hands can easily reveal their age! As you scroll down, you’ll see some of my favorite nail looks from the past few months…

1. O.P.I. “Overexposed In South Beach” & Essie “Luxeffects Set In Stones”

2. Essie “Sand Tropez” & Essie “Luxeffects Set In Stones”

3. Essie “Forever Yummy”

4. Essie “Licorice” & Essie “Fiji”

5. Essie “Madison Avenue” & Essie “Fiji”

IMG_3520 copy IMG_3611 copy IMG_3767 copy IMG_3953 copy photo-69 copy

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