Easy Makeup Storage With InterDesign Clear Drawers…

Recently I became a bit of an organization freak when it comes to all my beauty supplies. I wanted everything to be altogether in one place where I can easily locate and access it every morning when I wake up to do my makeup. In one of my online search inquiries I came about InterDesign Clear Drawers on www.amazon.com for an extremely resonable price. I loved the fact that their a decent size, sturdy and completely clear so I can see what’s in each drawer. You can also stack them up against eachother to save space on your dresser or where ever you store them. Their multi-purpose drawers so you don’t have to use them just to organize your makeup, it can be used for jewelry or even hair accessory storage. Perfect item for all ladies who appreciate tidiness 🙂

Amazon – “InterDesign Clear Drawers” – $13.57 (Each)

photo-61 copy photo-62 copy

4 thoughts on “Easy Makeup Storage With InterDesign Clear Drawers…

  1. I so need to buy these drawers. As much as I love all things organized and tidy I just can’t seem to get my beauty supplies in order. They are everywhere. There are times when I accidentally find a product in my room and ask myself “Oh! did I have this?” 😀

    First thing this week-end – BUY A MAKE-UP ORGANISER/DRAWER whatever is available here.. 😀

    1. That always happens to me, finding things I forgot I even had lol. Thats why I began organizing my stuff so its visible. These draws are excellent and not expensive. And there’s a large variety on amazon, you can also check on ebay, Happy hunting!

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