Home Goods Savvy!

In recent months I’ve become very into home decor. I love buying items to spruce up my apartment that reflect my personal style and taste as well as incorporating my husband’s likes into the mix. I really enjoy finding pieces that have an antique feel while still being modern, eclectic and easy on the pockets. Below are some pics and details on my recent purchases made at some of my favorite home goods stores Macy’s, Marshall’s & T.J.Maxx…

1. Marshall’s – Valerie Bertinelli ” Antique Looking Lamps” – $29.99 (Each)

2. Marshall’s – “And They Lived Happily Ever After Pillow” – $12.99

3. T.J.Maxx – “Owl Pillow” – $15.99

4. Marshall’s – “Book Like Jewelry Box” – $4.99

5. Marshall’s – “Glass Vases” – $9.99 (Each)

6. Marshall’s – Dragon & Buddha Head Statues” – $12.99 (Each)

7. Macy’s – “Monogrammed L Finger Towels” – $7.99 (Each)

photo-21 copyphoto-20 copy photo-23 copyphoto-22 copyphoto-24 copy photo-25 copy photo-26 copy

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