Classics Never Go Out Of Style…

Back in September for my Birthday, my sweet hubby bought me an iconic Coach Bag that I love to death and have been wearing almost everyday since I got it! It’s funny to me how things from the past always resurface in the fashion world. I remember back in the 90’s drooling over my mother’s Coach bag (which might I add, she had forever!) dreaming of the day I could finally have one for myself. That’s why I always tell my nearest and dearest to take very good care of the items they spend a great deal on, because you never know when they’ll re-pop up out of the woodwork. Although this particular bag is not my first walk around the park with Coach, it definitely is a beauty I will treasure for years to come!

Coach Classics – “Ramblers Legacy” In British Tan – $258.00 –

photo-27 copy

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