Bold Necklaces…

When accessorizing and going with the choice of a bold necklace, I like to make sure the rest of my jewelry is understated. I love bold distinctive pieces, but I also don’t want to overdue it and look like a walking jewelry store. A lady should always take that one final look in the mirror after getting dressed and putting on their accessories and ask themselves, “Do I really need all this stuff on?” Most of the time when you’ve done this the answer will be no and you’ll end up removing 3-4 items from your look. While on my lunch break at work, I decided to take a walk over to H&M and browse through their accessories section. I was delighted to find the below beauty for only $9.99! The key to buying accessories on a budget is to make sure the pieces you buy look more expensive than what you actually paid for! I think I accomplished this pretty well 🙂

photo-15 copy

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