Bang! Banging Bangs!

With the new year came a new look for me…Bangs! It had been years since I did them and I decided, what the heck? go for it! I definitely think I made a good choice and when I finally did it (after 2 weeks of debating, lol), I was oblivious to the fact that bangs were making a huge come back in 2013 hair trend wise…You can imagine my surprise the week after I got my haircut and saw bangs everywhere! In magazines, online, TV, on celebrities walking the red carpet, even on The First Lady of The United States Michelle Obama! I guess a true fashionista does things unintentionally without even noticing 🙂

On that note: If your thinking about getting bangs yourself, know that they are a big upkeep. I have to get mines trimmed every 3-4wks so they don’t get into my eyes and I blow dry them out every morning so they look fresh…

IMG_3678 copy IMG_3699 copy IMG_4259 copyIMG_3724 copy

8 thoughts on “Bang! Banging Bangs!

    1. Hi Mia!

      Thank you so much for liking my post and following my blog! I truly appreciate it and all your kind words! Followed you back, love what I see so far, keep up the good work dahhling! lol 🙂

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